December 6, 2019

Review: Four Roses Small Batch Limited Edition (2019)

112.6 Proof, No Age Stated


Appearance: Rich dark brown

Nose: Dried fruit, apricot, toasted grain, candied pecans, caramel, toffee

Taste: A dominating barrel funkiness right up front. Salted caramel for days. After the savoriness up front, notes of golden raisins come through. The finish is dominated by a peculiar apricot note and then onto black pepper/spicey finish that definitely sticks around for awhile. This apricot note is very distinctive and is the dominate taste.

With ice: Adding some water allows for candied oranges to come through on the nose. For tasting, the apricot note doesn't go anywhere nor does the delicious barrel funky savoriness. Unfortunately, the finish totally vanishes with ice.

Verdict: 91/100. It's a really unique whiskey. It's amazing how this diverse blend of whiskies create a nice structure with a unique profile. When compared to previous Small Batch Limited Editions, this one really stands on its own in terms of uniqueness. If you are lucky enough to see one of these in wild, it's worth it!