April 10, 2020

DBC & COVID-19 Relief


A few weeks ago, we contacted Pecan Lodge about donating to their commissary kitchen to help out of work families. Initially, our plan was to help the relief effort by providing a financial contribution AND some physical man power in the form of meal prep or food delivery. Unfortunately, as more and more social distancing guidelines were put in to play, we were only able to provide a financial donation. The leadership group felt that was a little too anonymous, a little too hands off for our charity efforts and what we like to do philanthropically. So, we chose to table that.

But we all decided we had to do something to help our community; that we could not just sit around in our bourbon bunkers without doing something to help those around us.

Hearing about hospitals and their major shortages of Personal Protective Equipment got us thinking. Hey! We know a hospital! So we reached out to our friends at the UT Southwestern NICU, and Yes, they were in critical need of masks, infrared thermometers and face shields.

So here is where the magic of the DBC comes in. Seeing as how our group was founded on Bourbon. Networking. Charity; we used our network to get some charity done. The GREAT Daniel Palos has a friend who's company is importing/manufacturing this type of equipment. After a couple of quick phone calls and some well timed emails, we used DBC Foundation funds to secure the following donation for the NICU at UT Southwestern:

  • 500 KN95 Masks
  • 100 Face Shields
  • 2 Infrared Thermometers
Earlier this afternoon, I was able to secure the equipment from a local company in Flower Mound. I then dropped off the equipment to Daniel for ultimate delivery to the NICU.

We've done some great things over the past few years, but this one feels really special to me. We were able to use the cash from our dues to support a local business AND go toward helping people in need in an absolutely unprecedented time. I think what we've done will have some pretty profound effects on families in need. This type of protective gear will allow dads to get to visit their newborn children, new moms to be near their child and most importantly: allow nurses and doctors to continue to administer life-saving care.

Even if you weren't directly involved, you had a hand in getting this done. The dues you pay help us do amazing things for the local community. Without each and every single one of you, we aren't able to come together and make these things happen. The Dallas Bourbon Club isn't just me, or Brian, events, or barrel picks: it's a wonderful group of people who give back to our community. So cheers to everything you do...let's raise a glass to helping others around Dallas Ft. Worth and to each other!