June 5, 2020

Review: Colonel EH Taylor Single Barrel - Dallas Bourbon Club

Warehouse I, Floor 8
Filled 10/22/2010. Bottled 4/9/2020
100 Proof, Bottled in Bond


Appearance: Light brown, Amber

Nose: There's a lot going on here! Up front is a lot of great savory notes that are pretty classic Taylor. I get bread pudding and saddle leather. Seemingly behind the savory is toffee and candied pecans. This is a soft, delicate and sophisticated nose without much burn at all. Very nice.

Taste: The taste is very sweet right up front. It's brown sugar, honey, and muscat grape. For one hundred proof, there's an outstanding amount of texture on this. The sweetness moves into a savory, spicy finish that sticks around well. This is a nicely structured, well-balanced bourbon.

With Ice: Dilution brings down some of the complexity in the nose. It brings out a lot of the sweeter elements while compromising those delicious savory notes. Water brings the muscat grape element to the forefront in a big way.

Verdict: 95/100. This is really great whiskey. It's complex, it's structured, it's nuanced with a lot of depth. This is really outstanding stuff. For my money, I'm going to drink this one straight, but that's just one persons opinion. On ice, it's a fine drinker as well. This is one to be proud of DBC!