November 6, 2020

Update - Hurricane Relief for Southwest Louisiana

A few weeks ago, Chris Patterson approached the leadership and asked if he could sell his homemade chicken and sausage gumbo to raise money for areas of Southwest Louisiana that were affected by Hurricane Laura. While Chris was able to raise a nice bit of money for his cause, a second hurricane hit the community. Because of that, we decided to use our bourbon barrel honey for the same cause. The bourbon barrel aged honey is now nearly sold out, and it's gone to raise more money for the relief effort.


Which brings me to today. Remember the raffle for the $1,000 mint julep from Woodford Reserve? Well, the brand went ahead and donated the $2,800 we raised out of their own pocket. This leaves us with an extra $2,800 that we raised in hopes of a charitable donation. Given what's happened to that part of Louisiana, and given some of our members close ties to the region, it only makes sense to put that money toward the hurricane relief effort. This brings our donation to the Community Foundation of Southwest Louisiana to $5,700.

Chris, you've done an amazing job with this charity donation. From donating your time, your kitchen, making deliveries, and getting us behind this relief effort; this has been your show. Thank you for all that you've done on this one. Our hope is that this donation can go toward getting that region back on it's feet and helping families get their lives back.

I called Chris last night to break the news, and he wanted to provide a heartfelt and personal thank you to the group for all of your help.

I cannot express enough gratitude to everyone who participated in this fundraiser for the people of southwest Louisiana. I knew I needed to do something and also that the power of many is far greater than the power of one. This club continues to blow away any expectations I have in regard to its generosity for its members’ causes. When I heard how much we will be donating back home, it gave me goosebumps. I know this money will do so much good to help rebuild a beautiful part of this country and get people back on their feet. Thank you!