December 11, 2020

Recap: Fourth Annual Christmas Party

What promised to be a very chilly evening turned into one in the mid 50's: something pretty hard to beat for an outdoor party in December...Beautiful weather that was very pleasant with clear skies. Once you arrived, you were greeted to one amazing venue that was impeccably decorated by proprietor, Scott Berlin, and our very own events team. The look and feel of everything was dialed in.


And once you got past the gate, there was a little something waiting for you underneath the proverbial tree. That's right, these beautiful DBC insulated tumblers were the party gift for the members this year. Side note: we may have a few leftover and set aside for the folks who were unable to attend - just shoot Brian or myself a note after the holidays and we will work to get them to you.

The whiskey didn't disappoint one bit. The bar was tended by two of the areas finest hospitality professionals. Former head bartender at Thompson's, Konrad Hartmann, and journeyman mixologist Brie Lloyd brought their A game as they doled out dozens and dozens of bottles of bourbon to some thirsty patrons. It wasn't just the bartenders on their A game: once again our members brought a ton of memorable bottles including a vintage Wild Turkey bottle, Sweetens Cove, the Russell's Reserve "Birdman" pick, Midwinter Night's Drams, and so many more. It would be an understatement to say that the selection was fantastic: it was simply unreal.

And what's a party without fireworks? I'm not talking about the raffle and the announcement just yet. I'm talking about the GREAT Harrison Merritt going all out and surprising his lovely girlfriend, Nicole, with an engagement ring up on the balcony of the hotel. In a beautiful moment, he got down on one knee and she gladly and enthusiastically accepted. Congratulations you two!!! We are all so excited for you. For those wondering at home, this is definitely the first proposal we have had at one of our Christmas parties...

So if you haven't heard by now, we had a major, major announcement. Not only is Harrison marrying a lovely woman, but the Dallas Bourbon Club will be selecting a George T Stagg Jr Single Barrel Bourbon in 2021. This puts us in some very, very limited company and it is a total honor to be selected for this. All of the thanks in the world goes to our partners at Buffalo Trace, Lakewood Medallion, our members who continue to make these great things possible. Some special thanks is especially due to the people working so hard for our club behind the scenes. Without your hard work, and dedication, we would not be where we are today. This is an incredible prize and we are going to raise a metric ton of money for a great cause next year. We won't have to wait long: the selection is January 7th.

Damn that was one hard secret to keep...

It wouldn't be a DBC Christmas Party without a fabulous raffle that raises money for a great cause. And it wouldn't be a DBC Christmas Party if it didn't great exceed the previous years. All of these trends played out Saturday night. . Thanks to our amazing partners throughout the whiskey industry, and with the help of some of our members chipping in a bottle: we put out one hell of a spread. It was an incredible cornucopia of American whiskey, rum, apparel, barrel heads, experiences, and rarities. All with the entry price of $10.

And ticket by ticket, dollars by dollar,

We raised $15,780.00 for Hope Supply Co

That's not just topping last years donation, that's crushing it. That's big dollar territory y'all. During a pandemic, during a hard year; and we raise that kind of money for a great cause. Maybe the most shining and greatest example of what this group can do. You all did so much more than we have ever asked. We had 42 different people donate more than $200. That is simply amazing. We may have to do two tastings with Fred Minnick to accommodate all of our generous donators. It's been nearly a week and I keep looking at that number. All of you are generous, amazing people and it is such a privilege to enjoy this hobby and this journey with each of you.

Putting It Into Perspective

Just as Brian dove into some of the numbers around our organization in 2020, I want to leave you with something about your very own generosity and what it means to some of the most needy people in our community.

A 50 pack of size six diapers runs $25 these days. That's roughly 50 cents a diaper And let's say that the average toddler wears five diapers in a day This means that the average toddler needs 1,825 diapers in a year This would cost $912.50 to put a single toddler in diapers for a year

I think you know where I am going with this...

Our donation will go toward supplying 31,560 diapers to some of the most vulnerable members of our community: homeless children.

31,560 diapers is enough to put 17 toddler in diapers for the entire year.

As always, there's a very real and very human element behind the charities we support and with all of your generous contributions, some small children in our area will have their lives impacted in a positive way. It may be a bourbon club, but it's one where to try and do some good around town. There is no doubt in my mind that by helping these children, we have done some real good during a tough time. Well done everyone.